Början, mitten och slutet av Charles DiLaurentis

Vill be om ursäkt att teorin är på Engelska men tanke på att den var så lång så kände inte jag för att översätta den. Är det något ni inte förstår så hjälp varandra i kommentarsfältet eller fråga mig.

Cece Drake, Jason DiLaurentis, Bethany Young, Charles DiLaurentis, Marion Cavanaugh, Kenneth DiLaurentis, Jessica Dilaurentis, Alison DiLaurentis, Toby Cavanaugh.

In this post I will cover the beginnings of A, the middle, and the end. The people I listed above are all related in some way or another so, I will start there. 

The Beginning

Kenneth DiLaurentis is the father of Cece Drake/Charles DiLaurentis (is transgender) and the (possible) father of twins Bethany Young and Toby Cavanaugh, their mother is Marion Cavanaugh. (all three)

Jessica Dilaurentis is the mother of Jason DiLaurentis (whose father is Peter Hastings)  and Alison DiLaurentis (whose father is Kenneth)

Here we go, guys… It all leads back to Radley, I never understood why until now. In the beginning, there were two affairs, Jessica had an affair with Peter Hastings which produced Jason Dilaurentis, and Kenneth Dilaurentis had an affair with Marion Cavanaugh, since their ages are similar Cece (Charles) and Jason would be the same age. Approximately a year and a half or so after, Marion became pregnant with Toby and Bethany either by Daniel Cavanaugh or Kenneth Dilaurentis, either way making Toby, Cece (Charles), and Bethany half-siblings by their mother Marion. This would also make Jason and Cece (Charles) not related in any way by blood (I know y’all were worried about incest, so… That solves that problem!) 


Now, the haunted house that the girls pass by in “The First Secret” was the original home to Charles (Cece), Bethany, and Toby and this is where our story begins… I believe since Jessica DiLaurentis was pregnant with Peter Hasting’s child, Kenneth may have just began seeing her, after a while Kenneth probably divorced Marion leaving him with partial custody of Charles. According to the timeline, Jessica probably told Ken that Jason was his so that he would leave Marion. It worked, but only after Marion became pregnant with Bethany and Toby (Possibly by Kenneth). So, since knowing that Marion was pregnant, he was probably seeing Marion and Charles as often as he could and then… The twins were born.

I’m going back to the twin story that Alison told, it was right and also wrong at the same time… Here’s how. The two blonde girls in the story were Bethany and Cece (Charles), I’m guessing Cece told Alison the story because she depicted herself as a girl playing with dolls as a child. Now, which one stabbed the other? Bethany stabbed Cece (Charles) because he was always stealing her dolls and playing with them because he wanted to be a girl and do girl things as Bethany did. After Bethany hurt Charles she was sent to Radley, and that’s where she stayed, It made sense that Toby wouldn’t have remembered a twin because he was probably very young when it all happened.

So, in the video (5x25) Mr. DiLaurentis most likely had a visiting day with the children and Jessica saying “You wanna say goodnight to your sister? Give her a little kiss!” She was only saying it to one of the little boys, which was  Charles. The baby? Bethany. The other boy could’ve been Jason because of the time period and the fact Mr. Hastings said he used to take the girls there, he could’ve taken Jason and Jessica there as well. Or even possibly Andrew, I have a feeling the two know each other and have a history even though their ages would be screwed up.

Here’s where Radley comes into play, Bethany was in Radley for an extended period of time (from child to death), she had no idea about Kenneth and Jessica being married, no idea about Charles becoming Cece… None of it. Marion was a nurse at Radley, most likely to keep an eye on Bethany as she grew and eventually would become a patient herself. 

Here’s where it all began. Mr. Dilaurentis most likely abused Charles as a child either mentally or physically, or both because he desired to be a girl, even as a child. It wouldn’t surprise me whatsoever if Charles was put up for adoption, and sometime later would become Cece Drake, returning to Rosewood. 

No one knew her because Charles Dilaurentis was gone and now she identified herself as Cece Drake, she befriended Alison (who is her younger half-sister) and treated her like the sister she wish she had from childhood. Now, here’s where it gets interesting, in Season 4 episode 10, Spencer and Hanna go to talk to Mrs. DiLaurentis and ask if Dr. Palmer was her psychologist at Radley, Jessica replies “No” and then a flashback begins… She comes into the house flaming made saying she got a call from Radley saying that “Your daughter is here, she wants to stay with us.” 

Initially, I thought Cece went there as Alison to get Ali in trouble… That’s not the case at all. Cece went to Radley to get to Bethany because BETHANY killed Marion for putting her in there the first place, which is why she wwitnessed her mother falling off the roof, she was pushed. She went there to fool Bethany into thinking she was Alison DiLaurentis, telling Bethany that her father (Kenneth Dilaurentis) remarried to Jessica and that she was their daughter. Bethany was furious, she hated “Alison” and Mrs. Dilaurentis for taking her “perfect family” away from her. It explains why her sessions suddenly turned violent, prompting one of her sessions to be recorded like this 

“Bethany’s is angry today, much more than usual. She is verbalizing her anger as expressing it in body language. She is said how angry she is. How she used a happy family and how “she” came along and ruined it all. She can never go home now. She kept repeating, “I thought she really liked me. But everything she ever said to me was a lie”. Bethany kept mentioning “she”. After probing Bethany finally admit that she’s talking about Jessica DiLaurentis. According to Bethany, her father is having an affair with Mrs. DiLaurentis.”

Bethany had no idea Jessica was being nice to her because her father (Kenneth) was her husband. She later says in 5x12 on a recording “Is it like mother like daughter?” She hated Alison and Jessica with a burning passion for taking the family she had. Thus begun her hatred towards Jessica, it explains the violent drawings, depicting Jessica as a monster, stealing her father (Kenneth) away from her.

Up to that point, Jessica was keeping an eye on Bethany, she had cared for her as a child and felt somewhat responsible for her (and why she told her to call her “Aunt Jess” and took her out on outings), just like how she cared for Charles. Jessica cared for Charles and supported him being transgender, hence the two yellow dresses (They could’ve easily been two different sizes) which Kenneth didn’t support, which is why in 5x13 Mrs. Dilaurentis said for Ali to only say she saw one dress or else “Daddy will leave us” because Kenneth wasn’t supportive of Charles’ desire to be female.

Now… We skip to the night it all happened… Labor Day 2009. At this point, Cece had been seeing Bethany and sending her things pretending she was Alison, planning to lure Bethany out of Radley and kill her for what she had done to Marion. Alison was never the target, Bethany was, and Bethany wanted to get revenge on Mrs. Dilaurentis and Alison for taking her family away from her. So, here’s what happened. 

Bethany hit Alison in front of Mrs. DiLaurentis thinking it was Cece (because she had no idea Cece was just playing Alison since the two were supposed to be in similar clothing) and Mrs. Dilaurentis buried Alison for Bethany (because she felt was responsible for her), then Cece killed Bethany (in revenge for killing  their mother, Marion), and Melissa buried her.

Now, getting to Sara Harvey, Mona killed her the day after Alison left because she needed to make everyone believe that Ali was really dead. Because, why would Alison come back? Her duty was done, she got Ali out of town like she wanted. She didn’t know that Bethany was already buried in her place, so she needed another body to dress Alison up as if it were ever found.

The Middle

This is where everything starts for the new Big A, starting with season 3, in episode 3x01 Mona is in Radley, while she’s in there she hallucinates Alison in a red coat reading “Lolita”, we know this isn’t correct because in 4x01 “A is for A-L-I-V-E: Mona says she thought it was Alison, but it turned out to be Cece. 

Here’s the thing, Alison doesn’t seem like the book reading type, she never has, every book reference Ezra used, Alison had no idea who they were. I suspect Alison told Cece that she was getting harrassed and Cece came up with Alison’s “Vivian Darkbloom” (anagram for Vladimir Nabokov)and has created every single alias Alison has ever had. She created her passports, her fake ID’s, etc. and the Holly Varjak identity as well, which explains why Alison had no idea who Varjak was and why Cece knew about Vivian Darkbloom.

Now, Marlene has said that in 4x12 “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t” she gave us a huge hint by calling the mime “The Great Charlemagne” which if you look at it, Charlemagne is another name for Charles. Since 3x01 to this episode, A took the form of a woman in a red coat wearing an Alison mask, forcing Mona do things for her, such as digging up Bethany’s body etc. (for more proof go to my other cece theory this one is more for story.)

It’s also worth taking into consideration Cece is the only one on the entire show that chose a job surrounded by mannequins, dressing people up as dolls is her literal JOB.


Now… We get to Toby. It bewildered me that A was willing to help him find out what really happened to his mother… Why would A want to help someone that was playing for the other side? Then it hit me… Cece and Toby are brother and sister, she knew what really happened to their mother and she wanted to give Toby the tools to figure out she was murdered by his unstable twin, Bethany. This is how she knew so much about Marion, from the songs she used to play as a child to every detail that would convince Toby to investigate. I have a theory as to why the “T” is always capitalized, either it stands for Toby or Transgender.


The thing Cece does is unique… She takes those that were tortured by the liars, Toby, Mona, Lucas, etc. and gives them a chance for revenge and to find out the truth. She gets stabbed in the back by people who should understand her. Which, is why Mona was put on the chopping block after she turned on her and didn’t go after Toby as much.

During the finale (5x25) A wanted them to recreate a prom from seven years ago… Ironically… The year Cece was crowned Prom Queen (and of course she’s in Drama and Debate club..)


The End

Now, the biggest question of all… Why go after the liars? To that, I’d say examine why Mona went after the liars after Alison was out of the picture. The liars were as bad, if not worse than Alison because the stood by while everything happened, they made fun of Mona, Lucas, etc. simply by participating and not speaking up when something happened. Being Transgender, especially surrounded by people who don’t accept you, simply by being true to yourself, is the worst kind of rejection and tortured as child, she simply wanted to be loved for who she was and her father wouldn’t give that to her.It’s why she’s obsessed with dolls, she wanted to be like them, she wanted to dress like them, but was told it was wrong by everyone around her, she never had a childhood.

And here’s the funny thing… When you think about what Alison did, she was trying to force people to tell the truth. Making Paige come out, have Melissa find out about Ian cheating, have Mr. Montgomery tell Ella about his affair, make Mona live to her utmost potential, even if she was a bitch while doing it. I think Alison was always Cece’s favorite not only because she was the younger sister she always wanted but she forced people to be unapologetic-ally themselves, and face those consequences head on.

But, there’s the other side to her that sees the liars and Alison as every single person that told her she was a freak as a child for being transgender and hates them for it.

I never thought I would sympathize with A/Cece, but I finally understand why she is the way she is. Miss Drake, I respect you.


If you guys have trouble keeping up with who is related to who, I created a guide that’s easy to figure out, pink is for mother, blue for father, and green for possible father. 


Vad vill ni se?

Eftersom det nu är hiatus för oss tittare och Pretty Little Liars inte kommer tillbaka förräns Juni så undrar jag vad ni vill att jag bloggar om?
Det finns möjlighet att vi gör en "rewatch" från säsong 3 och varje vecka så kan vi tillsammans fixa ihop teorier? Eller vill jag gör mer "Get The Look" inlägg?
Ja ni bestämmer, jag vill göra er glada :) Kommentera vad ni vill se mer utav :)

Bilder från 5x25 och 6x01

Marlene passade på att dela med sig lite bakom kullisserna bilder från säsongsfinalen.
Samt har Inspelningen av 6x01 "Game on, Charles" börjat och det är inte mycket vi får se eftersom de vill troligtvis hålla så mycket hemligt till premiär avsnittet sänds i Juni. Men några i castet har delat med sig lite bilder. 


Oliver Goldstick, en av producenterna hade nylidgen en intervju där han nämnde ett giftemål som sker efter tidshoppet.
Vilket par tror ni det skulle kunna vara?

Vill även tacka alla fantastiska läsare. Idag ligger vi #3 på mest besökt blogg på blogg.se med 9.800+ unika besökare vilket är rekord! Så himla kul :)

Tjejerna skippar College

Vem behöver College egentligen? 
EOnline! kan idag meddela att Pretty Little Liars kommer att göra ett stort "framtidshopp" i säsong 6. Det stora hoppet kommer inte ske i de första 10 första avsnittet i Säsong 6, där vi får se tjejerna ta examen men senare under säsonger så sker 4 årstid college utanför tv-serien. Vi kommer alltså tillbaka 4 år senare.
"I did say we're going to do a four-year time jump and we will honor that before the end of season six," säger eklusiva producenten Marlene King . "It's really exciting I can't wait to see the girls after they come back from college. It's going to be awesome."
Men innan de skickas iväg till college, måste tjejerna ta itu med följderna av det som hände i finalen i säsong 5. Spoiler alert! I tisdagskväll avsnitt, var "A" namn avslöjad: Charles DiLaurentis, och han hade de fyra flickor och nu, den inte döda Mona, fångade i sin egen personliga dockskåp, vilket är precis där vi kommer se dem i början av säsong 6.

"We will start next season right were we left off, with the girls trapped and they don't get out immediately," säger King, "season six takes place in a very condensed period of time." 
Så vad vi nu vet är att de första 10 avsnittet av Säsong 6 kommer hela historian om -A att lösas. Spännande!

Marlene svarar...

Så det finns en hel del obesvarade frågade om avsnittet och innan ni är helt förtvivlande eftersom ni inte vet vem Charles är så borde ni se vad Marlene svarat på några frågor, både om avsnittet och säsong 6.


... men vem är Charles?
Kommentera era teorier i kommentarsfältet.

Säsong 6 Spoilers från Marlene

Nu när vi äntligen fått reda på vem -A är så har vi hela säsong 6 framför oss att se eftersom det är då vi kommer få svar på allting som vi frågat från säsong 1. Hör vad Marlene har att säga om finalavsnittet samt Säsong 6.

Pretty Little Liars - Säsong 5 Avsnitt 25 “Welcome to the Dollhouse”

Tryck på "Close ad and watch as free user och sedan play-knappen :)

Inför Säsongsfinalen | 5x25 “Welcome to the Dollhouse”

Nu är det dags, inatt klockan 01.00 sänds 5x25 “Welcome to the Dollhouse”. Säsongsfinalen är här och i inlägget hittar du all information du behöver veta om avsnittet innan det sänds.
Länk 1 Länk 2 Länk 3 

"A" has always had fun playing with Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer, but now "they" have the biggest game to date in store for the girls. As shocking secrets come to light and the biggest clue to the "A" mystery is revealed, is this one plAydate the Liars can survive?

With shocking twists and turns, will the girls finally find out who A is?

Written by: I. Marlene King
Directed by: Ron Lagomarsino

5 avsnitt du ska se innan finalen

Det är vad Pretty Little Liars boss Marlene King twittrade om tisdagens episka säsongsfinalen, "Welcome To The Dollhouse", som slutligen kommer att avslöja ABC Familys  största mysterium: vem sjutton är "Big A" ?!

Och medan du förmodligen inte är helt redo för det, kan du förbereda dig så mycket som möjligt, och vi är här för att hjälpa dig. Vi frågade Marlene att plocka de fem avsnitten som PLL fans bör kolla om, pausa och spola tillbaka för att leta efter ledtrådar, alltså de avsnitt om är mest avgörande för att kolla innan du tittar på finalen.

Marlene King's List of the 5 Episodes to Rewatch:

1. "It Happened 'That Night,'" season three, episode 1
2. "A Dangerous Game," season three, episode 24
3. "A Is for Answers," season four, episode 24
4. "Taking This One to the Grave," season five, episode 12 
5. "How the 'A' Stole Christmas," season five, episode 13 


FRÅGA: Vem är -A?

Imorgon är det säsongsfinal för Pretty Little Liars säsong 5 och som tidigare nämnts så har vi nu chansen att lista ut vem BIG A egentligen är. Men för att göra allting lite roligare så tänkte jag att vi alla kommenterar innan avsnittet vem vi tror -A och varför ni tror hon/han är A och så får vi då se efter avsnittet om någon hade rätt.
Så kommentera under detta inlägget vem ni tror är BIG A och varför.

Vem är -A?

alison dilaurentis | everything is lost

 gjorde en ny video igår :)

Inför Avsnittet | 5x24 “I'm a Good Girl, I Am”

Inatt klockan 01.00 sänds 5x24 “I'm a Good Girl, I Am”.  Här hittar du all information du behöver veta om avsnittet innan det sänds.
Länk 1 Länk 2 Länk 3 

Alison's trial is coming to a close, and the outcome looks even more bleak when the prosecution calls a surprise witness that not only paints Alison in a bad light but also the PLLs and Mike. Desperate to find any evidence or witness to save their friends, Aria, Emily and Spencer race to find someone or something that can prove Ali's innocence and put an end to this nightmare.

Meanwhile, Mike becomes a target of "A" when it looks like he might be called to testify, and Ezra and Caleb have differing opinions on what he should do.

Written by: Oliver Goldstick & Maya Goldsmith
Directed by: Oliver Goldstick

The Comedy Central Roast Of Justin Bieber | 14 Mars

Igår var Ashley Benson på "The Comedy Central Roast Of Justin Bieber". Ashley och Justin känner varandra genom Ryan, Ashleys pojkvän.

Är Jason Varjak?

Jag hittade en riktigt bra teori om att Jason är Varjak, så tänkte dela med mig utav den.
JASON IS VARJAK! Aria is his Holly. Andrew is just a distraction. Jason is Varjak, but I don’t think he’s A. I think he’s only trying to figure out who is responsible for killing his mother and tearing his family apart. This is where he was when he disappeared for all that time and the girls were trying to figure out where he was. He had had enough and decided he was going to start his own game to figure out what was going on. More proof he was the one who played the music in the sound machine: right before the music message was a message that talked about someone letting the dog out on purpose. Remember how much he wanted that lady to take the dog back that his mother supposedly adopted? Okay. I was too excited to even think about what exactly this means so I’m going to go do that now. Who knows, maybe he IS A?!

Jason was communicating with Ali through the paper to see if she was really guilty or innocent. We were wondering who would know her mother read “Goodnight Moon” to her as a child… Her brother would know that, of course.


I. Marlene King ‏twittrade precis ut en ordentlig stor spoiler om säsongsfinalen som sänds om 2 veckor... 
Welcome to the PLL finale. Get ready. Prepare

Pretty Little Liars; The Ultimate Crack Video

Exklusivt: Ny karaktär!

Kimberly Brown har blivit tilldelat en roll i Säsong 6 av Pretty Little Liars. Ännu oklart vilken roll Brown kommer spela. Vem tror ni? Kanske Bethany?

Vill du köpa en Melissa jacka?

Vill du köpa en likadan jacka som Melissa Hastings har i säsong 4? Har en helt NY sådan MC-jacka till salu. Märket är Eleven Paris och jackan sålde slut fort när avsnittet släpptes.


Nypris 1531kr enligt prisjakt, jag köpte den från Storbrittanien för 199euro. Storlek Large men det motsvarar storlek 38 (franska storlekar är mindre). Jättefin bohemisk stil med fint aztec mönster som passar lika bra på festival som över en finare klänning till fest. Hör gärna av er om ni har några frågor! Happy bidding! :)

Jacka från Eleven Paris;
- Tillverkad av 100% ren bomull
- Aztec mönster
- Classic biker form
- Stängning med dragkedja (silverfärgad)
- Fickor på framsidan
- Normal passform

Tankar om avsnittet

Vem är Charles DiLaurentis egentligen? I avsnittet som sändes i natt så får vi se hur Spencer öppnar upp en spegel med en lapp. 
Som vi alla vet är många av tittarna smarta så det tog inte långt tid efter att folk förstod att lappen var ett anagram. De tre meningarna skriver ut "Charles DiLaurentis".
Vem är Charles tror ni?
Sedan har vi en 'shady' Aria, eller är det bara jag som tycker det? Något som fick mig att öppna ögonen var hur Spencer smsade Varjack:
Do you miss me? Love Holly
Senare i avsnittet ringer då numret till Aria, vilket sammanträffande? Eller? Jag vet inte riktigt vad det har för betydelse, säkerligen ingen alls men när Varjack ringde sedan så verkade det lite som att Aria inte ville svara då Caleb blev förbannad och tog telefonen. 
Vad har är era teorier om Aria? Även Ezra. Minns ni förra avsnittet när Ezra besökte Monas advokat och Ezra hotade honom med att berätta om hans koppling med Varjack? Men när han sedan kom ut från huset och mötte Aria och Emily, så sa han att han inte fått reda på något. Sketchy much?
Sist men inte minns tyckte jag scenen med Ali och Hanna var först och främst himla kul att se. Det verkade verkligen som att Alison pratade sanning med Hanna och jag blir mer och mer övertygad att hon egentligen bara vill hjälpa tjejerna. Men det som jag tyckte stod ut i scenen var hur Alison pratat med A via sms och då A skrivit meningar från barnvisor som både Alison och Hanna hört som barn.
Hur i hela världen kan A veta det?

Pretty Little Liars - Säsong 5 Avsnitt 23 “The Melody Lingers On”

Diskutera gärna i kommentarsfältet vad ni tyckte om avsnittet.
Bara klick bort all reklam. Det är gratis att se avsnittet, funkar det inte att se så installera ad block.

Inför Avsnittet | 5x23 “The Melody Lingers On”

I natt kl 01.00 så sänds 5x23 “The Melody Lingers On”. Här hittar du all information du behöver veta om avsnittet innan det sänds.
Länk 1 Länk 2 Länk 3 
Alison's trial is about to begin and the once-confident Queen Bee is not so confident about her fate, as testimony reveals not only her lies but the lies of those close to her. Meanwhile, Spencer, Aria, Emily and Caleb search for information to clear the imprisoned Hanna following a string of clues that might have been left by Mona or possibly planted by "A".
Written by: Joseph Dougherty
Directed by: Roger Kumble